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PADI Scuba Instruction

At Grove Scuba, we offer not only Recreational Scuba Diving courses for the novice diver to master scuba diver, but we also offer a professional training program for those wanting to become dive industry professionals.

The coursework for many of the courses below can be completed online.  Just click here to go to PADI eLearning and select one of the following:

  • Open Water Diver
  • Scuba Tuneup
  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Rescue Diver
  • Enriched Air Diver
  • Digital Underwater Photographer
  • Dive Theory
  • Instructor Development Course

Add PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty certification to your Open Water course for a discounted price. Enriched Air Nitrox certification will allow you to extend your total dive time and overall less nitrogen absorption. The Nitrox add on includes the material, classroom session and 1 nitrox tank on your last check out dive!

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PADI Discover Scuba Diving

PADI Discover Scuba Diving "Resort Course"  $225.00

Ever wonder what it’s like to feel weightless? How about breathing underwater? Here at Grove Scuba we offer you the chance to take your first breath underwater. Come join us and see what our world is like!

  • 1 pool or confined water session
  • 2 dives with instructor
  • Scuba gear
  • $225 from Miami (tax not included)
Open Water Scuba Certification

Open Water Scuba Certification   $499.00

The PADI Open Water course offers you the most recognized entry level certification in the world. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. This certification is accepted around the world for dives up to 60 feet.  Great for ages 10 & up!

  • 1 Classroom session which includes 5 Knowledge Development Chapters
  • Pool Session which incorporates 5 Confined Water Modules
  • 4 Open Water Dives
  • Scuba Equipment Rental (students must own their own set of mask, fins and snorkel; all other equipment will be provided during the course)

For more info: click here

You will need to view the Open Water Diver Coures DVD. There is a ref

Advanced Open Water Scuba Certification

Advanced Open Water Scuba Certification  $463.00

The Advanced Open Water course helps increase your confidence and build your scuba skills to become more confident underwater. This is a great way to get more dives while continuing to learn with an instructor. This course builds on what you’ve learned and develops new capabilities by introducing you to new activities and new dives.

• 12 years old 
• (Jr) Open Water Certification

*As a certified diver, you are encouraged to have your own diving equipment. If not, you can rent your dive equipment from Grove Scuba for your course.
**Every AOW student is required to have their own compass, dive knife, and underwater lights (if doing the night adventure dive).
Emergency First Responder

Emergency First Responder  $140.00

The PADI Emergency First Responder Course is a hands on approach to CPR, Basic First Aid and how to recognize, and respond to various injuries. The course prepares students in CPR and First Aid Training.
Rescue Diver Certification

Rescue Diver Certification  $428.00

Teaches diver how to recognize diving-related injuries/symptoms and proper care for diving-related injuries. Diver becomes well versed in diving accident management. Must have taken Medic First Aid or CPR & First Aid course within past two years, and be Advanced Open Water Certified. Includes: 2 Classroom sessions, 5 confined water practices, 4 Open water practices, and of course the Instructor.

Rescue Diver Materials:
  • Includes Rescue manual and Certification Card
*As a certified diver, you are encouraged to have your own diving equipment. If not, you can rent your dive equipment from Grove Scuba for your course.
PADI Specialty Courses starting at

PADI Specialty Courses starting at  $100.00

Dry Suit, Boat Diver, Drift Diver, Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Project AWARE Fish ID, Underwater Photography, Search and Recovery, Multi Level, and Peak Performance Buoyancy specialties are all available through the Grove Scuba. Call for availability. Some specialties require that the diver be certified Advanced Open Water, time frame and cost varies with the specialty.

*Prices vary depending upon the type of certification.

The classroom material for Enriched Air Certification can be conducted online.
Sign up at PADI eLearning, and be sure to select Grove Scuba as your dive shop.
Dive Master Certification

Dive Master Certification  $695.00

The PADI Dive Master certification is the first professional level in your soon to be diving career. The graduate will be well versed in scuba diving theory such as, physics, physiology, dive boat and shop operations, diver and dive student management, and control of dive operations. The candidate must be certified as a Rescue Diver.

Includes: 4-12 weeks, a minimum of 8 open water sessions and 10 confined water session, a series of classroom sessions, interaction with student divers, assisting with student divers in training and supervising certified divers.

The Divemaster Course Fee does not include Materials:
DM Required Material ($295)
  • DM Manual
  • Instructor Manual
  • DM Cue Cards
  • Diving Knowledge Workbook
  • Encyclopedia of Recreational diving
  • Come complete with a PADI brief case.
    Open Water Scuba Instructor

    Open Water Scuba Instructor  $1,295.00

    The PADI Instructor Development Course is designed to prepare qualified candidates to become PADI Instructors. IDC Course is 8-10 days long depending on two different options. The PADI Instructor Development Course consist of a series of slide presentations, a knowledge development session, confined water practices and open water practices. The slide series are divided into two different sections.

    For more detailed information, click here.

    Emergency First Responder Instructor

    Emergency First Responder Instructor  $400.00

    The PADI Emergency First Responder Course is a hands on approach to CPR, Basic First Aid and how to recognize, and deal with diving related incidents. The course prepares Instructors to organize, market, promote and teach the PADI Emergency First Responder course for recreational Scuba divers, especially those divers who need it to be certified as a PADI Rescue Diver.
    Specialty Instructor

    Specialty Instructor  $200.00

    Specialty Instructor Courses are available for the following specialties:
    • Wreck Diver
    • Deep Diver
    • Underwater Photography
    • Diver Propulsion Vehicle
    • Underwater Videography
    • Drift Diver
    • Underwater Navigator
    • Fish ID
    • Underwater Naturalist
    • Boat Diver
    • Night Diver
    • Search and Rescue
    Master Scuba Diver Trainer

    Master Scuba Diver Trainer  $700.00

    The Master Scuba Diver Trainer Preparation program gets you trained and ready to act as PADI MSDT. The course is made up of 5 specialties. We recommend Nitrox, Deep, Wreck, Night, and Digital Underwater Photography. These are generally what we have found to be our most popular and marketable specialty certifications, however you can choose any five that best fit your needs during the course.
    IDC Staff Instructor

    IDC Staff Instructor  $650.00

    As a seasoned PADI Instructor, you have wisdom and experience to share with up-and-coming PADI leaders. And, you know that continuing your education never ends.

    As an Instructor Development Course (IDC) Staff Instructor, you help bring up the next generation of PADI Instructors while gaining in-depth instructor-trainer knowledge.


    Be one of the first to experience the wonder of underwater fluorescence with this Distinctive Specialty. View and photograph underwater fluorescence with Grove Scuba and earn the PADI Distinctive Specialty rating of either Fluorescence Photographer or Fluorescence Diver. Grove Scuba is the only dive shop in the United States offering this distinctive specialty.
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