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Corporate CPR and First Aid Training

Whether at home, at work or just at the park playing with the dog, would you know what to do if someone nearby needed emergency medical aid? Every day trained laypeople are providing a helping hand that can help to prevent death, suffering and long term disability. Our EFR course will teach you the steps and techniques for handling emergencies through the ABCD's to a patient's lifeline.

Through independent study of your Emergency First Response Manual and Video, you will be better prepared for the time spent with your instructor. His/Her job is to demonstrate various skills, allow you to practice the skills and introduce you to a number of thought-provoking scenarios. You will also be introduced to Automated External Defibrillators and Emergency Oxygen care (they are simply orientations to AED and Oxygen care. We do provide separate certification courses for each). 


  • View the Emergency First Response DVD
  • Read the EFR Participant Manual (Primary and Secondary Care)
  • Complete the Primary and Secondary Care Knowledge Review
  • Arrive for class ready to learn new skills and be prepared for some realistic scenarios


  • There is no minimum age. Anyone with a desire to learn can participate.